Membership Policies



Memberships are renewable on September 1 of each year.


Attendance at P.S.C.A. lunch meetings is restricted to P.S.C.A. members.

Registration for a P.S.C.A. lunch meeting is on a first come, first served basis.  All lunch registrations and payments must be received by the due date in order to reserve a seat for the luncheon (if seating is still available).  Registration without advance payment of the lunch registration fee does not guarantee seating.

Due to P.S.C.A.’s commitment to the restaurant, all lunch registration fees are non-refundable if not cancelled by the Friday preceding the lunch meeting.

Also due to P.S.C.A.’s commitment to the restaurant, if a member registers for a lunch meeting, either orally or in writing, and does not cancel by the Friday preceding the meeting, the member is still responsible for payment of the lunch registration fee, even if the member does not attend the lunch.

If a P.S.C.A. member has registered for a lunch meeting but cannot attend, a P.S.C.A. member from the same company may attend in his or her place.  If another individual from the same company wants to attend a lunch meeting as a substitute but is not a P.S.C.A. member, that person must become a P.S.C.A. member prior to the lunch meeting.

Guest Policy for Lunch Meetings:

Any member whose dues are paid in full may invite any non-member to attend a P.S.C.A. lunch meetings as a guest, however, the non-member can only attend one lunch meeting as a guest. 

If the guest wants to attend further meetings, he or she must join the association and pay membership dues for the year (pro-rated as appropriate). 

The cost for a guest to attend a lunch meeting is $30, even if the guest is a company person. 

A member may bring no more than two guests to any one lunch meeting.


Sponsorships are for a single calendar year starting in January of each year.